The perfect gift for good boys!

Summer time is the perfect time to bond with your pooch and give him fun ways to play. We have tried ropes, balls, frisbees,.. but all have ended up lost, chewed up, or moldy.

Introducing ChuckIt! Flying Squirrel - super durable and even floats on water, the paws actually glow in the dark, meaning you can stay out late and play a good game of catch.



Run & Chase

This is one of the absolute best fetch toys for any dog that loves to run and chase. The motion and colors get the dog excited and once you learn how to throw it (spin is key) then you'll be able to sail it away without throwing out your shoulder!

Great Excitement

Just grab him by the paw and throw like a flying disc. His spinning feet create visual excitement for you and your pet. Unique benefits include raised sides for easy pickup, glow in the dark paws for evening play, and flotation in water.

We're Giving Back

We donate 5% of our monthly revenue to ARC-PETS, a group of animal lovers rescuing cats and dogs in need. It provides medical treatment, vaccinate and neuter all of our pets before rehoming them.


Flying Squirrel Soars High!

“My three younger dogs preferred their balls, but I was surprised that their momma took off for the flying squirrel. So I use the flying squirrel to play with the momma between ball throws to her litter.

This toy is spun out from me like a frisbee. Once it starts its descent, it hovers into a downward spiral almost straight down. This allows the momma dog to give chase and then grab it as it spirals downward...real confidence booster for her."

Great for the dog park!!

"My two young labs absolutely love this toy. They are rough on toys, so we have to work with them on not trying to destroy a toy the moment it is given to them. 

This "flying squirrel" immediately became and continues to be a high value toy, so it is put up and out of the way when not being played with. Lightweight and flexible, but even so, the toy is really durable.”