Leica Depthmaster Machine Control Kit

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The Leica MC200 Depthmaster is an ideal tool for any kind of height control for excavators. Simply turn the excavator dipper into an integrated measuring stick without having to leave the cabin. It is simple to set-up and can be used with any rotating laser. Mounts either to a standard excavator or backhoe - even levelling work can be done with the same sensor.
Constant accuracy band control
Ultra-bright LED displays (front & back)
100 % waterproof
MC200 Depthmaster with Clamp-on & Magnet includes:
  • MC200 Depthmaster with Carrying Case
  • Charger, MC200 Depthmaster
  • Battery Pack NiMH, MC200 Depthmaster
  • Brackets, MC200 Depthmaster (set of 2)
  • Magnetic Bracket, MC200 Depthmaster
  • User Manual MC200 Depthmaster V1.0,engl.

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