Leica Lino ML90 Line Laser

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Leica Lino ML90 Line Laser
Adaptable for exterior and interior usages
With just a single button actions the ‘Smart Targeting’ function automatically aligns the laser to the location of the XCR Catch receiver which comes with a remote control, measuring with maximum precision and over distances up to 50 meters. For layout work of up to 100 meters and when precision is exceptionally important to avoid costly mistakes, the accurate electronic self-levelling system is a significant advantage. Thanks to its adaptable power supply the Leica Lino ML90 is always ready to use.
Meticulous layouts at extensive distances.
The accurate electronic self-levelling feature compensates automatically for the instrument being slightly out of level. A distinct advantage, especially over distances of up to 50 metres.
Flexible line laser
With 4 lines and a plumb point the Leica Lino ML90 covers all requirement for interior use. It can even be used for simpler projects outside.
Work without Downtime
The Leica Lino ML 90 can be use either a rechargeable battery pack or standard alkaline batteries. This provides increased flexibility and makes sure the Leica Lino ML90 is always ready. The instrument can also be used when being charged.

Key Features
Single user operation
Extreme levelling accuracy
Accurate projection of 90° angles
Automatic alignment of the laser to the XCR Catch
Designed for everyday use on site – interior and exterior
Remarkably quick and reliable levelling
Quick set-up and ease of use

Price Includes
Leica Lino ML90 multi line laser
Rechargeable NiMH battery pack
International charging device with 4 plugs
Battery holder for alkaline batteries
Large red target plate
Red laser glasses

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