Leica LMR360R Machine Control Kit with Magnetic Brackets

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LMR360R 360° Machine Mounted Receiver
At a glance, the Leica LMR360R provides precise grade control, a vertical indicator, laser compatibility, rugged and waterproof and includes rechargeable batteries.
With the use of any rotating laser, such as the Leica Rugby Range, the LMR360 is able to be detect the beam through 360° and provides precise grade information from any angle.
The vertical indicator, which is built in to the instrument, saves time and money by reducing the under and over cutting by ensuring precise and consistent grade information is provided. It monitors the stick angle and signals if the plumb is over or under extended.
Magnets provide quick and easy mounting and movement to any from varying machines. An optional clamp kit can be provided.
LMR360R 360° Machine Mounted Receiver - Features
Position of the cutting edge identified with LED indicators. Seven different channels are available.
The most recent signal is stored in the memory which helps indicate which direction to move the cutting edge.
LED plumb indicator which shows direction arrows for plumbing upwards the dipper stick.
Tough, waterproof and rugged, ideal for harsh construction environments. Also includes shock mounts to decrease machine vibrations.
LMR360R Specifications
200 meter operating radius
360 ° reception window
Capture window 25cm
Accuracy* Fine 6 mm, Coarse 12mm
± 5 ° Vertical indicator
Protected to IP67 and waterproof
Rechargeable NiMh batteries
30 meter frequency range
Size 37.5cm x 7.5cm x 10.7cm
Weight 1.8kg not including clamps
LMD360R Remote Display - Features
Remote display can be mounted to the machines windscreen with a strong suction cup without obscuring the operators view.
Shows all 9 receiver channels in addition to the indicator arrows wirelessly.
Settings and menu options can be changed through the remote display easily and without leaving the machine.
Preferred receiver channel can be selected especially when more than one system is being used on site.

Kit includes:
LMR360R Receiver with Magnetic Brackets
NiMH Batteries
Carrying Case
User Manual (868 Mhz)
LMD360R Remote Display.


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