Leica Piper 100 Pipe Laser Kit

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Tough and robust the Leica Piper 100 laser housing is made from cast aluminium and is completely water proof. It features a large LED display which shows the grade & level indication and battery status. It is ideal for sanitary and storm sewer construction, gravity flow pipes and any place where a single line and grade are required with only one laser beam. This pipe laser has a range of 200 metres and grade ranges of -10% to +25%. Standard battery life is 40 hours. The Leica Piper 100 does not include Alignmaster. If Alignmaster is required please select the Leica Piper 200 Laser.

Technical Specification:
Red Laser Diode - 635 nm
4.75 mW maximum Laser Output
200m Working Range
-10 % to +25 % Grade Range
-15 % to +30 % Self-levelling Range
Line Movement: 6 m metres @ 30 metres
Battery type and life: Lithium-Ion, 40 hours
Operating Temp: -20° to +50° C
Weight: 2 kg
Seal - IPX8
Wireless remote control up to 150 metres
PIPER 100 Package includes:
  • Piper 100 Laser with Carrying Case
  • GKL311 single Charger Prof 3000
  • GEV192-3 AC/DC-Adapter for GKL112/311 UK
  • GEB221 Battery int. Li-Ion 7.4V/4400mAh
  • Target Assy w/small insert 300mm, red
  • PTC100 Target Assembly, 100 mm / 4 inch
  • User Manual Piper 100/200 V1.0,english

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