Leica Rod Eye 140 Classic Laser Receiver & Bracket

£185.00 excl VAT
£222.00 inc VAT
SKU 789923

The Leica Rod Eye 140 Classic receiver provides a complete solution for any interior application and general construction. The Rod Eye 140 is engineered to a high standard and integrates with all of the Leica Rugby lasers including the new Rugby 800 series. It comes with a built-in 12 cm detection window which can detect the beam over the whole distance.
Technical details for the Leica Rod Eye 140
Working diameter 1.350m
Extended detection window 120mm

Detectable spectrum 600nm - 800nm
Detection accuracies
Super fine ± 1.0 mm
Fine ± 2.0 mm
Medium ± 3.0 mm

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