Levelfix 550HVG Construction Laser

£599.00 excl VAT
£718.80 inc VAT

LEVELFIX 550HVG - Horizontal construction laser with green beam

  • 600 meters work range

  • Accuracy 4.8mm/100mtr.

  • Working time 55 hours on 1 charge

  • IP 66 construction (waterproof)

  • Equipped with manual slope and TILT function

 The Levelfix 550HVG contains all the functions needed for all work in interior and exterior constructions. The laser can be placed horizontally and vertically. With the included remote control, it is easy to layout angles and vertical lines.

The laser has a tilt function that ensures that you always work with the right size, if the tilt function is turned on, the laser will continue to monitor the height and block if the height changes due to, for example, severe shocks or unwanted movement of the laser.
The manual slope function allows you to quickly and easily set a shot with the remote control on either the x- or-y axis.

The laser is equipped with a plumb dot, adjustable rotation speed and an adjustable scan line function allowing you to project the laser line onto a specific plane making it more visible and not nuisance in the environment.
By using the green POWER+ diode, the laser beam is up to 4x more visible to the human eye than traditional red building lasers. This allows working on long distances without a receiver. Ideal for, for example, layout ceilings and walls.


Levelfix 550 Series Manual

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