Metofix AM100i

by Metofix
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100m Distance Meter With Bluetooth

The AM100i is a professional and smart rangefinder for highly accurate measurements. 
The AM100i is equipped with a built-in digital angle meter. This allows you to easily and quickly measure in difficult conditions and hard to reach places. The Bluetooth function transfers the measured values ​​to a smartphone or tablet. In the special and free MetoBox app, for Apple and Android, these values ​​can be processed. 
The maximum measuring range of the AM100i is 100 meters. The AM100i is equipped with the most common functions, including: Pythagoras, min / max measurements, content, area, memory for the 30 most recent measurements and all other common functions. The multifunctional end piece is useful when measuring from an angle or from an object. The AM100i is equipped with a 1/4 "tripod mount and is supplied in tote bag. 
Palette Function
• First measure the lengths of the walls and then the height for the total wall surface. 
stakeout function 
• Simply measure the desired dimensions. Ideal for (wood) constructions and columns. 
Indirect measurement 
• Obstruction in the road? focus on a point above the obstacle and the AM100i will calculate the right distance for you! 

Measure distances up to 100 meters 
• High measuring speed 
• Addition, subtraction, area and content 
• Pythagorean function, min-max and continuous measurement 
• High accuracy 
• Storage function up to 20 measurements 
• Complete in protective case 
• Bluetooth connection with smartphone 
• Free app for android and ios 
• Built-in digital angle 

Display: LCD
Measuring range: 0.05 - 100 meter
Measuring Principle: Digital
Measurement accuracy: ±2.0mm per Measurement
Feeding: 2x AAA Batteries

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