Levelfix DT500L Digital Electronic Theodolite

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DT-500L Digital Theodolite with Laser

Digital theodolite with laser aimer and laser lead

The DT500L is a rugged digital theodolite made for everyday convenience. The laser aiming point is exactly aligned with the
center of the crosshairs and can be used optionally. This makes alignment faster and makes staking points visual.
In addition, the DT500L is equipped with a laser plumb for easy positioning above measuring points.

Accurate and equipped with a compensator

The DT500L has an accuracy of 5" and is therefore extremely accurate. The 30x magnification ensures a clear image.
The built-in compensator, which can be turned on or off on the vertical axis, ensures that the values
are read correctly without having to check the vial every time.

Backlit 2-sided display

The DT500L is equipped with 2 large, bright and illuminated displays. The display is easy to read and the buttons allow you to quickly select the
standard functions. For example, it is easy to quickly switch between degrees and gon on the horizontal axis, degrees or
% on the vertical axis, set left or right rotation measurement, set 0-point of the horizontal circle and turn the laser aiming point on or off

Construction: IP 45
Enlargement: 30x
Resolving power: 3,75"
Minimum focusing: 1m
Mimmal Display: 1" / 5" / 10"
Display: LCD on 2 sides, backlit
Lens: 47mm
Dimensions: 180 x 166 x 355 mm
Weight: 6.5Kg

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