Levelfix CCL460G Line laser

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Green Smart 3D Line Laser

Green Smart 3D Line Laser

The Levelfix CCL460G is a high-quality smart line laser with 3 360° lines. The clever construction and integrated SmartBase ensure that the laser can be positioned well for all applications, even in corners. The instrument is ideal for all interior work, for example, laying floors, walls, ceilings, kitchens and other constructions. The CCL460G comes with a Li-ion battery and charger and other accessories.


With the built-in SmartBase, laser alignment is a breeze. The fin-end adjustment knob provides precise left or right alignment. Due to the unique rotation mechanism, the reference point remains in the same place during adjustment. The SmartBase is equipped with a 1/4 and 5/8" pitch and can therefore be placed on any tripod without additional adapters. The supplied magnetic base and wall mount ensure that the instrument can be placed quickly and easily on the wall or on a metal surface.

HighPower+ Green Diodes

The laser is equipped with the latest HighPower+ diodes. Thanks to the new and unique SuperBright mode, you can give the diodes even more power,
this function offers even better visibility than before with the classic green laser.


Intelligent communication between your smartphone and your LEVELFIX laser. With the LEVELFIX CONNECT app, you can easily connect the laser to your smartphone. Once connected, you can control the laser remotely or adjust the laser power, among other things. The functionality of the app will be expanded even more in the near future.

Precision: 2mm / 10m
Duties: 3x 360°
Laser Class: 525 nm / class 2m (green)
Capacity: 8 hours - all lines
Airtightness: IP 54
Rechargeable: Yes
Size: 129 mm х 144 mm х 100 mm
Weight: 1.6Kg

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